Dave and Gene

This blog is dedicated to Gene Macchi, our good friend, lawyer, legal business associate, fishing buddy, golfer, softball player and all together great guy. Gene was taken from us due to cancer at far too early an age. We want to remember Gene as the guy who chuckled at life, had a sparkle in his eye and who went out of his way to help everyone. Gene simply was the best guy to be around and we are grateful he was part of our lives. We would like to think that he is sitting in a boat somewhere, a trout on the end of his line, saying: “Got Another One!” and smiling. For the record, Gene was a “catch & release” fisherman.

Gene loved humour, particularly “The Far Side.” When he was first diagnosed, we wanted a way to cheer him up without being intrusive – something that he could read on his own time and place. We came up with the idea of the Smile – a bit of history focused on what happened on this day in the past, a joke or pun, a music video or video clip and a thought for the day.  But it didn’t stop there. We thought that it might also help anyone who, due to whatever reason, could use a smile to brighten their day. After Gene passed it only deepened our resolution to try to make a positive change in others’ lives and to ease the deep personal ache of losing Gene. Mark Twain once said: “The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.” Accordingly, this blog is also dedicated to anyone who could use a smile in their day. Please feel free to subscribe to the blog to receive updates by email and to refer the Smile to others.


Dave & Colleen.