Friday November 19, 2020 Smile for the Day: Thomas Francis Dorsey Jr.

On this Day:

Thomas Francis Dorsey Jr. was born today (November 19, 1905 – November 26, 1956).

Thomas was an American jazz trombonist, composer, conductor and bandleader of the big band era. He was known as the “Sentimental Gentleman of Swing” because of his smooth-toned trombone playing. He was the younger brother of bandleader Jimmy Dorsey. Originally together, the brothers had separate bands but then later reunited and went on tour and onto their own television show, Stage Show, from 1954 to 1956. In January 1956

The Dorseys made rock music history by introducing Elvis Presley on his national television debut. Presley, then a regional country singer, made six guest appearances on Stage Show promoting his first releases for RCA Records several months before his more familiar visits to the Milton Berle, Steve Allen, and Ed Sullivan variety programs. (per Wikipedia)

First, a Story:

Tried to book tickets for an Elvis tribute night over the phone. Had to press one for the money, two for the show…

Second, a Song:

The ability to find things on the internet still continues to amaze me.  Here is Elvis Presley in his debut on national TV on the Dorsey’s Stage Show  performing Shake Rattle and Roll. Enjoy!


Thought for the Day:

“Big band music, to me, it really has three key elements. First is the lyrics are really sweet, and they’re just really family-friendly. The second thing is the music is jazz music, so the music is complicated enough to hold your attention for 5 or 6 million plays. That makes the songs interesting. The last part is the fact that it’s danceable.” – John Tesh

P.S. Further to yesterday’s William Tell Smile, Jack Irwin suggested this version of the William Tell Overture.  It demonstrates some simply amazing guitar work!!!  Enjoy!


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