Thursday November 5, 2020 Smile for the Day: Bryan Adams

On This Day:

Bryan Adams, Canadian rock and roller, was born in Kingston, Ontario. Although he was born in Ontario he attended Argyle High School in North Vancouver, British Columbia, which was also my daughter’s high school.  Bryan is well remembered by the music department there (my daughter was part of the choir) but oddly enough no one could recall if he actually graduated or not; or if indeed, he attended any classes other than his music classes, of which, it is said, he had perfect attendance.

First, a Story:

What do you get when you drop a piano down a mineshaft? A-flat minor.

Second, a Song:

Bryan Adams wrote “Everything I do, I do for You” in about an hour for a long-forgotten film where it was buried during the credits. However, a good song refuses to die, and “I Do For You” was one of the most successful singles of all time, selling over 3 million copies. It was #1 for 16 weeks in the UK (from 13th July to 26th October 1991) and 7 weeks in the US. (  

Here is Bryan Adams performing “Everything I do, I do for You”. I hope you enjoy this live version:


Happy Birthday Bryan!

Thought for the Day:

“If you want to make beautiful music, you must play the black and the white notes together”. – Richard M. Nixon

Have a great day!

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