Wednesday November 4, 2020 Smile for the Day: Monopoly

On this day in history, Parker Brothers launched the game of Monopoly.

First, a Story:

“I think it’s wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly.” – Steven Wright

Second, a Song:

The second most coveted property on the Monopoly board is Park Avenue.  This was modelled after Park Avenue, Atlantic city.  On that corner,  Park Place and Boardwalk in Atlantic City, stands a plaque commemorating Charles Darrow. He made modifications to the game and sold it to Parker Brother and became the first millionaire board game designer in history.  But there are other Park Avenues, the most well known one being in New York City.  Who could resist Eva Gabor’s request to Eddie Albert: “Darling I love you but give me Park Avenue…”  

Here is the theme music to “Green Acres” sung by Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor. I hope you enjoy this…


Thought for the Day:

You can tell Monopoly is an old game……because there’s free parking, a luxury tax and rich people can actually go to jail.

Have a great day!

© 2020 David J. Bilinsky and Colleen E. Bilinsky

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