Sunday October 25, 2020 Smile of the Day: You Raise Me Up

First, a Story

The census taker introduced himself to a woman who was working in her yard and asked if he could interview her. She agreed to be interviewed and led the man inside. He started with a few demographic questions, and then moved on to her family.

“So, how many children do you have?” he asked. “Four. Eenie, Meenie, Minie, and George.”

“What?” the census taker replied, amused. “Why’d you name your fourth child George?”

“Because we didn’t want any Moe.”

Second, A Song:

In 2010, an unemployed baker in the Netherlands was signed up for the show “Holland’s Got Talent” behind his back by his youngest daughter.  After some hesitation, he entered and reached the finale. He stated that in his wildest dreams he never anticipated winning.  Later he posed as a street Busker in Maastricht singing this song.  I hope you enjoy Martin Hurkens performing “You Raise Me Up” as much as I do.

Have a great day!

© 2020 David J. Bilinsky and Colleen E. Bilinsky

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